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Controllership Services in Wyomissing, PA

C. Malcom Smith III has helped several companies thrive through his services as a CPA, which go beyond the commonplace accounting needs. For companies in need of a professional to take a more direct hand in guiding their finances, C Malcolm Smith & Company, PC provides controllership services to businesses in Wyomissing, the greater Reading area, and other communities within Berks County.

Is Controllership Right for My Business?

Controllership involves having a CPA like Mr. Smith come into the company regularly, either physically or through online services, to supervise the financial activities and managerial accounting for a business; for smaller businesses, this may mean going so far as to serve as a chief financial officer. If your business needs a professional to take partial or full control of the financial activities, our Wyomissing firm’s controllership services may be right for you.

However, although their company may need several different accounting services at once, some business owners would prefer to keep all responsibility and decision making abilities within the company. For more generic accounting needs, your company may be best served by our monthly accounting package. This way, you still have Mr. Smith and staff performing several key functions so you do not have to worry about them, but all decisions and supervision stay with you.

What Does a Controllership Entail?

When you hire C Malcolm Smith & Company, PC for our controllership services, our Wyomissing CPA engages with your business regularly to make sure all financing activities are being performed smoothly. While these can be physical visits for clients who prefer to have in-person meetings, we can also provide these services though a secure cloud server. Some clients may prefer online services, as they can be more convenient and can save money.

One of the more common areas that Mr. Smith works on as an outsourced controller is tax planning. While we offer tax planning through other services as well, doing so as a controller allows us a more ready viewpoint of where the company is headed and how to best serve its tax needs. Mr. Smith will also supervise employees performing financial functions to ensure smooth financial operation. For some clients, we may be able to perform quarterly records examinations. Additionally, our services under controllership can be tailored to best meet your company’s needs; scheduling a consultation with Mr. Smith and staff can help determine what we can provide as a controller.

Contact Us Today for Controllership Services

C Malcolm Smith & Company, PC provides controllership services for business clients in Berks County, including Wyomissing and other Reading area communities. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, call our office today!